Why is there a skew in packing with bundle strap?

Why is there a skew in the packing process? What is the reason for the skew?

Come with me to find the answer:Packing strap is also called bundle. It is made from polyethylene, polypropylene resin, cold-rolled strip as the main raw material, as well as nylon and polyester. extruded one-way tensile and heat treatment to blue.

  In addition to the corrugated carton sealing strapping, hot-rolled steel coil strapping, cold-rolled steel coil strapping, but also can be used to bundle glass, pipe, material, fruit and so on.

In fact, the cause of the deflection of the strap is multifaceted. In principle, it is the creep phenomenon of polymer materials. That is to say, after the baling belt is formed into a bundle, the molecular chain gradually undergoes a conformational displacement and the molecular chain orientation is rearranged at a certain temperature due to the constant action of a transverse winding stress. However, due to the friction between the molecular chains, the change cannot be instantaneously completed, so the molecular rearrangement or material deformation gradually increases with time until a balanced stable structure is formed, thereby undergoing deformation and forming a skewness.

If the skewness of the strap is too large, the automatic baler will not work continuously, which will affect the efficiency of the work, so everyone should pay attention to it. The problems must be corrected in time.

Post time: Oct-24-2018