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ferro Strapping


Basic parameters   Material: Q195 Q235 345B Tensile strength: 650/800/850/900 Extension rate: 6%-8% Place of production Shandong province Thickness 0.8mm/0.9mm/1.0mm/1.2mm Unit of measure: Ton Roll width: 31.75mm Scope of application Steel Tapes for packaging Usage Strapping for packing Types Steel Strap Brand JINHE :Model virous Processing customization yes Roll outer diameter φ220/φ300/φ400

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    basic parametri  
    material: Q195 345B Q235
    Distrahentes fortitudo: 650/800/850/900
    Extensio rate: VI%% -8
    Locum productio Shandong provinciae
    crassitudine 0.8mm / 0.9mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm
    Unitas mensura: Ton
    Width volumine: 31.75mm
    Harum application Tapes pro ferro packaging
    Consuetudinem Pro parare rectos stipare
    types ferro suis accingatur
    Brand JINHE
    : Model virous
    processus customization etiam
    Volvunt diametrum exterioris φ220 / φ300 / φ400

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